Her story

487178_10200768369638558_1361935109_nMy story definitely did not start in the pub…but in a little place at the edge of Warsaw. When my parents moved in it might have looked like countryside but it is just 8km from city center so it quickly became Warsaw suburbs. Since I remember we did have proper veg patch and fruit garden and even handmade green house made by my grandfather. Living there gave me one of my best childhood memories.Waking up early morning and running in my pyjamas to the garden to see if  the strawberries are red and plums ready to eat.

Never realized how spoiled we are in Poland with seasonal fruit and veg till I moved to Ireland. It is amazing how I miss simple things like open markets, where in season you can get strawberries, raspberries, cherries, gooseberries for next to nothing. Some of that is due to climate but definitely not all. There is nothing much you can do about all that while living in Dublin but then 7 months ago we were very fortunate enough to be able to move to beautiful Cooley about 100km north of Dublin.

Well, when I say fortunate that is what I think now but 7 months ago I was terrified . Imagining myself going insane from isolation, driving every week to Dublin to see my friends and keep remains of social life…The reality turned out slightly different which I will explain bit by bit later.

So now there are are no more excuses and instead of complaining each summer and booking expensive last minute tickets to stuff myself with some fresh strawberries, I decided to put some work in to enjoy even in the smallest quantities our own grown fruit and veg.And of course on top of all that are kids and trying to include them as much as possible in planning, planting and taking care of the patch.

That’s the idea at least let’s see how we get on…


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