The first step in my field to fork journey came courtesy of a hen mallard.  She thought me to respect my food and appreciate it’s life, to know where it came from and how it ended up on my plate.

Next up! Grow my own veg, and fruit.  This I dabbled in but nothing substantial or sustained, until now. 


Crafted with my own hands. I have to decide if this particular raised bed will be home to my spuds or onions and garlic. The wonderful decisions I have ahead of me. This photo was taken on a rare frosty morning.

 My plan is to create a little vegetable plot on a piece of land out the back of my house.  I want to try and create something from scratch, so I have made my own raised beds from some old timber fencing.  

There should be plenty over so I can also make a shelter for my compost heap and maybe even a bench on which I can rest my laurels on a lazy Summer evening with a cool Guinness and handful of radishes.

But back to reality, it is mid February and I haven’t even ordered a fruit bush or bought a packet of seeds, so I can park the Summer evening lounging for a while yet.


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