Cooley Garlic


Christmas is a long way away yet, but it was Christmas last year where our Garlic story began.

We had ordered seed garlic online and it a couple of weeks before Christmas last year and it wasn’t until Christmas week that we got the chance to split the bulbs into individual cloves and sow them in their newly prepared beds. We knew we were leaving it late to get them sown but sow them we did. Once they were in the ground we had little to do until the weather picked up and got quite warm and dry in June. We gave them plenty of water during this period to help bring on the bulds and ensure they would be a good size a not dry out. We took up a few sample bulbs in late June to see if they were ready but we decided to give them a couple of extra weeks.


In early July we picked some more bulbs and made the decision to harvest most of them that appeared to be ready. After two weeks of drying in the shed we trim away the stems,give them a gentle scrub, wash and pack them and then they will be ready to go.


As we have more garlic that we could ever use, we decide to sell it to friends and family! Going well so far 🙂 If you would like to order garlic from us please send us a message here or on our facebook page 🙂

wpid-20150724_214548.jpg wpid-20150724_212355.jpg wpid-20150725_093654.jpg


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