Looking for some thrill in Carlingford?


When I moved to Cooley, I promised myself that I won’t take the beautiful surroundings for granted and that we would use the outdoors as much as possible.  So we always try to discover new walks, new picnic places…last weekend we decided to explore a little bit of Carlingford Lough and I have to say we were not disappointed.


I wasn’t sure how the kids will react to the speed boat trip but I have to say that by the end of it I was convinced that if my daughter becomes the captain of a boat one day, lives will be defnitely at risk….


We left the harbour and saw Carlingford and its beautiful surroundings, the Cooley and Mourne mountains from the water, all the while their were giggles and laughter from the back of the boat.  We loved the 45 min trip and the girls are asking when they can go again! A BIG thank you to Shane at Louth Advenutres http://www.louthadventures.ie/ who provides such a great, family friendly service!



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