Pallet projects


Spring is a busy time in the garden, there is so much that needs doing but that doesn’t mean we don’t get some timeto experiment a little outside of the veg patch. In recent weeks we have been busy with some Pallet Projects. I had obtained some old pallets of various colours, red, blue, brown and orange and I was determined to do something with them other than chopping them up for firewood.

I had been tasked with a few projects, a small bookshelf for our bedroom, a bookshelf for the kids room and a garden bench……… start with. I believe there are now more in the pipeline, one of the downsides of successfully completing the above tasks.

wpid-20150227_191700.jpg wpid-20150227_191634.jpg

The first bookshelf for our own bedroom was the hardest, as having never made more than flat pack furniture (which isn’t as easy as it would appear) my confidence in my own carpentry skills was non- existent. After some head scratching and fumbling about as to how the shelf should look and what tools and bits and bobs I would need I got down to business. An orange pallet was chosen, washed and sanded. After it was cut to size I joined the necessary pieces together and gave it a quick coat of wood preserver. And that was it. Not hard really but it took a while to get from in my head to on the wall. With that job out of the way, it was onto the kids bookshelf.


This was a little more tricky to assemble due to its size and the particular design I came up with but still it was put together in one morning. The process was the same as above, the wood was washed, disinfected and sanded. After I put it together I then painted it. All parts got two coats. In hindsight, if I were making this again I would have painted the wood prior to assembling as this would have been easier. I would have just had to touch it up after it was put together. Anyway it’s up on the wall, serving it’s purpose and kids love it so that is enough for me!

wpid-20150411_114724.jpg wpid-20150411_114734.jpg

IMG_0017 IMG_0021 wpid-20150506_204815.jpg


The garden bench was next.


This was by far the easiest, even though it was the largest piece of pallet furniture of the three pieces I put together. If I am honest, I actually made it more difficult for myself than I should have. Anyway, long story short, you can use two or three pallets, three being the easier option……..I of course used two.

wpid-20150411_191715.jpg wpid-20150411_190907.jpg


Cut two pallets in half and place a half from each pallet on top of each other horizontially to act as the seat. If you use two pallets as I did, then join the other two vertically with a piece of 2 by 4 and then join this to the two horizontal halves. If you choose to use three pallets, the third pallet would be used instead of joining the two halves together vertically for the back support. But this isn’t a big issue. After a very brief poll on Facebook as to what colour the bench should be painted, purple or brown, purple won out. So being democratic as we are at Field to Fork the bench was duly painted purple. I believe I now have a garden table and a wine rack to make………………..



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