Garden update and weed struggle!

We have been off the radar recently, holidays…races….new challenges…but that hasn’t meant we haven’t been keeping ourselves busy.  As expected this time of the year there is a lot going on in the garden and veg patch, everywhere you look there is something to be done.

So just a little update on what is growing and some of our current struggles 😉


We are very happy with our lettuces…over the last couple of years we found that the cut-and-come-again varieties of lettuces work best for us.  They give a good supply of fresh salad leaves over a number of weeks and fresh plants can be sown every few weeks so you never run out, well until late Autumn that is, when the cold weather returns.



Our radishes are nearly ready and hopefully will be still there when my mum arrives in couple of weeks, as it is one her favorite salad veggies.


And finally the asparagus, we had to wait two years before we could look forward to eating it.  And that is what we are doing right now. There are lovely fresh aspargus spears popping up everywhere! What is even better our youngest daughter seems to share our excitement 🙂




Of course it has not all been plain sailing. Even though we are very happy with our slightly bigger veg patch thanks to some new raised beds we built, this also means that there is much more work… of which weeding is definitely my least favorite…And yes this has to be done even when you have raised beds.

But not to worry, whatever stage you are at hold on to the thought that in a couple of weeks you will be enjoying some lovely fresh salads and veggies.


One thought on “Garden update and weed struggle!

  1. It is a busy time of year and yesterday and today good days to check in on the blog world what with the weather turning and all. I look forward to the sunshines return, but am happy for a break to get in the kitchen and craft/computer room.
    Your lettuce looks great and tho we grow full heads to sell, cut and come again is a great family choice, offering nice variety with each meal. Enjoy the week and happy growing!

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