Busy long weekend!


We are still recovering after such a busy long weekend! Weather was great so plenty of time outside, which let us finish up jobs in the garden and see the changes happen.

Old potato bed changing into new onion and bean bed!

wpid-20150207_153634.jpg wpid-20150315_120744.jpg wpid-20150315_122314.jpg
This time, I decided to it is my turn to do a bit of  heavy lifting, so I shoveled some top soil into our newly built raised beds.I could not lift my arms for couple of days after! Another job that had to be done was turning the soil. It seemed easy at first but just managed to do 2 raise beds and left the rest for the coming weekend!


We put our first seeds in the ground as well which is always very exciting! So far we have lettuce, radish, peas, spring onion, beetroot.

wpid-20150309_181045.jpg wpid-20150309_182357.jpg wpid-20150309_182247.jpg

Many more to go, and the kids raised bed is still empty as they are negotiating what should we place there…it’s great to see them fighting…over broccoli and corn…:) Their art work these days seem to be preoccupied with the theme of the garden as well!


So the plan for the coming weekend is garden, garden, garden! And some walks of course! 🙂


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