February, is it Spring?


February is supposed to be the beginning of Spring but I feel that is just  designed to lift a little of the Winter gloom. There is not too much  growing in February, save for the daffodils and snowdrops.

Temperatures are still very low and the ground has not really warmed up to spur on growth in the veg patch. But with a little human intervention in the form of cold frames, cloches and polytunnels seeds can be tricked into thinking it is later in the year that it really is.


We have not yet invested in a polytunnel but we have improvised, which is a great skill to have when you are trying to be more self-sufficient. Some plastic sheeting and some wire hoops (or wire coat hangers) can be put together without too much trouble to create a nice and warm environment in which you can sow some early seeds.

We have planted some salad leaves, radishes and some early cabbages among others things to get our veg patch growing. Hopefully in 4-6 weeks we will be chomping down on some lovely fresh lettuce and radishes.

The Asparagus is in its second year so fingers crossed we will have our first home grown asparagus later in the year to enjoy, I have been carefully tending the Asparagus bed for the past year so I hope my work will pay off – I will accept payment in tender Asparagus spears!


The Strawberry Pallet Planter needs a little attention which will have to be completed pretty soon as the plants will be back growing and producing fresh strawberries soon enough.


Over the Winter I added a section onto the compost bin, so there are now 3 compartments, I really don’t know what to expect but I am hoping all of last year’s waste has broken down nicely, to be honest, I don’t think I approached it properly as a lot of the material I placed in the compost heap I didn’t break up small to aid the decomposition process.


I also spent some time mulching my fruit bushes with cardboard. It has worked out quite well so far as it really does help to keep the weeds down, which means less competition for my raspberry, gooseberry, blueberry and Blackcurrant bushes.


Most of the Winter though I spent rambling the hills and fields of the Cooley Peninsula in search of game, Pheasants, Woodcock, Snipe, Duck, Rabbit, Hare and Woodpigeon.


But now that the season has ended I need to turn my attention back to the veg patch. My next little project is to build a few more raised beds using some old scaffolding planks and hire a rotavator to till last year’s potato bed which is slight mess!


6 thoughts on “February, is it Spring?

    • You know what, I am just seeing this now. I think it was meant for me anyway. Either way, here’s my two cents worth. Our tunnel came from someone on the island who purchased it in a growers scheme and never put it up. I knew but right now can’t remember the company name. I do have friends who built their own and it is very good but smallish, works for the two of them though. If you are DIY inclined it would be a great project. Either way, it makes a huge difference. We would be lost without ours. Many things we grow both in and out of the tunnel and it extends the season for those things. Then there’s tomatoes, peppers, basil, melons, grapes, cucumbers that would be just too unreliable with the most likely lack of summer heat. It is an investment, but if maintained well and used to grow year round (or store bikes over winter, lol) it pays for itself sooner than later.

      • Great, thanks so much for advice! I think we will try DIY this year while we save up for a proper one for next year. Saying that I am just thinking that I will keep an eye out on donedeal maybe something will show up!

  1. Your post has prompted me to try and start some lettuce asap , I will look for something like you have built here with the plastic and see if that helps as I have never done that before in fact to tell the truth growing veg is a whole new experience for me ; so I really enjoy the blogs that share the experience of how it’s done. Happy Days to you from Kathy.

  2. Are the strawberries easy to grow, when is the best time to buy plants do you think , love the way you have planted them and would love to know how to do that myself if its not too difficult that is . Kathy.

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