Time to get planning again!


2014 is long gone and we are now in the new year. That means only one thing for us, we need to get our veg patch in order and start planning what we are growing and where.



Last year we had a good supply of lettuce, but in hindsight we could have prolonged our season had we spread our planting a little bit more. If the truth be told we could have done this for a number of our crops. Our courgettes did well, probably best, and we have good extended season, they really are so simple to grow.



One of my intentions for our veg patch this year is that it provides our family with all the salad leaves and potatoes that we need. We ran out of potatoes just before Christmas time, so I will need to give twice as much space to growing potatoes this year and that will present a little challenge, as we will
have to manage our space quite tightly. The issue of being self-sufficient in lettuce and salad leaves will be resolved far more easily with the help of sowing different varieties and also using a small tunnel to bring on some early leaves and also to give us fresh greens late into the year.



I can’t get my head around them, I will have to reassess my carrot sowing regime as it was, to put it bluntly, a complete failure. But I guess that comes with the territory, there will be ups and downs to growing your own veg.



My big plans are for Garlic. Firstly I love Garlic, raw and cooked. I am hoping to grow enough to sell in my local community and if all goes well I will expand this further next year.

But back to planning the veg patch for 2015. We will sit down over the next couple of weeks and finalise our list of fruit and veggies to grow this year. There will be a few definites apart from those mentioned above, Strawberries (the kids favourite), pumpkins, broccoli, cauliflower and beetroot, the rest will be chosen very soon…


9 thoughts on “Time to get planning again!

  1. Lovely to see your plans growing for this year, would be great if you could give a little info on how to plant and when and maybe when to get the soil ready, newbie here in the west of Ireland and looking for as much info as poss, the ground is soft now and would be easy to dig.

    • Hi, thanks for a comment and we will definitely do. You can also look at our first posts from last year when we were just starting off – some info about soil/building raised bed/ planting there. Hopefully will be helpful ! Good luck with your garden and let us know how did you get on!

  2. Super photos to accompany your interesting thoughts. I couldn’t imagine the garden minus the poly tunnel. It extends the season so much, I too have regrets this year for not sowing lettuce for the tunnel late enough. Past years experience tells me that is the only reason why I am out of lettuce now. But spring is just around the corner and we get to start all over! I look forward to watching your garden grow.

    • Hi, always lovely to hear from you! It is great to be in the year 2 of growing cause you know a little bit more around what you really want. Yes, I think poly tunnel will be our next project. We might be contacting you for advice around that πŸ˜‰ I hope you don’t mind!

      • Ya, small or big, a tunnel would extend the season–our beds are 16 foot by 4 foot and we have diy’d some decent plastic covers for them. The covers are easy to rotate for use in different beds. A big tunnel is a great investment also and really opens up year round possibilities.

  3. Great, yes I remember that from home. Even though we mostly grew tomatoes in it, it was great to have it. Do you have any photos on your blog of the covers? Would be great, if we didn’t have to buy it! πŸ˜‰

  4. Carrots.. One year, riddled with root fly bugs, last year they disappeared amongst the weeds. In the poly there was more control and have successfully grown two good patches. Hopefully they will be good in the new raised beds.. Wishing you a great veg growing season.. πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™β€οΈ

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