2014’s ups and downs

For us 2014 will be always be remembered as the year when our journey of growing our own fruit and veg began 🙂

We are delighted with our little garden but it was not all plain sailing…:)

The pumpkin patch was a bit of a let down…not a single full grown pumpkin grew but we are trying it again next year!



Same with corn…our older daughter was not impressed as she loves corn and was really counting on them 🙂


And then the poor sunflowers that looked so promising and for some mysterious reason did not produce a single tasty seed…


So yes not everything worked out as planned but overall the balance is definitely on plus side 🙂

wpid-20140729_150811.jpg wpid-20140509_192307.jpg wpid-20140902_192735.jpg  wpid-20140719_155922.jpg wpid-20140726_181313.jpg

wpid-20140902_192808.jpg wpid-20140726_181256.jpg wpid-20140701_185412.jpg

IMG_0790 wpid-20140701_185109.jpg wpid-20140512_082802.jpg

wpid-20141123_195003.jpg wpid-20141127_080503.jpg wpid-20141129_141922.jpg wpid-20141109_115029.jpg wpid-20140912_225122.jpg


Thank you for support and see you in 2015 😉





5 thoughts on “2014’s ups and downs

  1. Ah, nawet jakby nic mi nie urosło z tego co zaplanowałam to i tak byłabym najszczęśliwszą osobą na ziemi gdybym mieszkała i zyła tak jak Wy 🙂 Wszystkiego dobrego w Nowym Roku!

    Ps Dziękujemy za piękną kartkę 😀

  2. I enjoy your blog, I have been producing fruit and veg now for five years , each year you win some and lose some, but it does get better as you mount the learning curve! We started like you with just a field. I am inspired by your asparagus. The first year I had about 5 shoots and then 10 but then they were cheap corms and I only had a couple, a bigger patch would be lovely! 👒💚👒

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