Late preparations! Part 1

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There is no escaping it, Christmas is nearly here! If you are trying to avoid the topic, you won’t be able to do it for much longer! I am reminded every day, by two very excited Santa fans, how many days are left till Christmas and this weekend it got me into the panic mode (finally…)

IMG_1006So today we did everything (well nearly). We got Christmas tree, put up decorations (at least some of them) and what is most important we did some Christmas baking! Even though it’s quite late, I decided to take on the Christmas pudding, (apparently you are supposed to make it a month before Christmas).

When it comes to the pudding you have a choice as with everything – bought or homemade? It’s a difficult one as buying one is easier, quicker and cheaper….but can any of this beat the smell of Christmas spices, kids sneakily licking the bowl and eating up the ingredients to the point that you will start blaming them if the pudding doesn’t work out! Well, that’s why the choice was clear for me.


If you are looking at the recipes online and worrying over and the long ingredients list, don’t get discouraged! You will also need to mind it for 6 hours but then imagine yourself serving it on Christmas day with some lovely cream in the knowledge that you made it yourself from scratch : )

So there it is! And it’s not too late to make it.

Christmas pudding – Ingredients



115g butter

225g soft brown sugar

50g  self rising flower

1 tea spoon mixed spice

¼ nutmeg

½ tsp ground cinnamon

2 eggs

115g breadcrumbs

175g sultanas

175g raisings

115g currants

25g mixed peel chopped

25g chopped almonds

1 small cooking apple grated

Finely grated ring of 1 lemon

Juice of one lemon made up to 150ml with sherry/rum or brandy

Method in 3 steps!

1. Butter the 1.2 litre heatproof bowl

2. Whisk the butter and sugar together until soft. Beat in flour, spices and eggs. Then add the rest of ingredients and mix.





3. Transfer the mixture into the heatproof bowl (it should have soft dropping      consistency) and cover it with a disc of baking parchment to fit the top of the bowl.


Preparing the cover and minding the pudding!


  1. You will need to get a big piece of baking parchment and make a pleat across the centre. Cover the bowl with it and put the string around it to keep it in place.
  2. Do the same with the piece of kitchen foil and put it over the piece of baking parchment
  3. Put the pudding into the large pot with simmering water and steam for 6h. You will need to add water in the process.
  4. After 6h, take it out and leave to cool. Then replace the baking parchment with a new one and leave it in a dry place till…CHRISTMAS!



2 thoughts on “Late preparations! Part 1

  1. Looks so simple kinga,thanks for giving me the nudge i need to make this, I so rely on my 84yr old mother to do the baking.

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