Beautiful Cooley Mountains


View of Glenmore valley from above Aghameen cross

It is about time we write a little bit about the place we call home…


View of Slieve Foye

We live in heart of Cooley Peninsula, about 80km north of Dublin. There are so many beautiful places here that it took me a long time to decide which one I should write about first. And then, not even 2 min from home, waiting for my daughter to finish her Irish Dancing, I looked around and thought- it is obvious – the thing that I like most about the place (apart from its people:)) is the mountains.


The Cooley mountains are…well…pure magic (especially on a day like today 🙂 It’s a dream come true for walkers, runners, bikers, hunters and really any other outdoor enthusiasts. There are number of walking trails for walkers of all levels or if you are more independently minded you make your own trail.  Thanks to the local landowners you can generally walk freely all around the surrounding mountains.


View of Glenmore and Slieve Foye

The mountains are ideal for family walks and picnics, challenging enough but not too steep either, nothing that an average child (5yrs plus) could not handle.  Spectacular views help to keep the kids interested and motivated as they walk not to mention the legend of The Brown Bull of Cooley that can be told during the walk.


View of Carlingford from Slieve Foye Gap

Most people who come to visit the Cooley peninsula go straight to Carlingford, which is a lovely picturesque village but by no means the only attraction.  A number of trails start from and finish in Carlingford such as the Slieve Foye loop.  The advantage of basing yourself in Carlingford is its hotels, hostels, pubs, lovely coffee shops and restaurants.


Carlingford harbour and Slieve Foye in the background, photo by Anne O’Hanlon


If you would like, however, to hide away from the tourists that Carlingford attracts and experience the unspoiled mountains you don’t have to go too far. Make sure that you go for a walk,cycle or a run and discover the true magic of the area.


Slieve Foye from Glenmore side


And if you would like to find out a little bit more about the area here are some useful links:

Options of different level walks starting from Carlingford



4 thoughts on “Beautiful Cooley Mountains

  1. I was very lucky to rent an old fs cottage up ń aghameen .. All I can say I loved it , we got trapped in the snow and never complained.. We had chickens in the yard and turf burning in the stove , we now live in carlongford and its just not the same .. The view was amazing xxx

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