Pheasant season is finally here!

The alarm goes off at 6am.  I get up, dress, grab a coffee and some toast.  The dogs are dancing around the back yard looking at me in anticipation through the kitchen window.  They know exactly what is happening today…. pheasant hunting season has finally arrived!

wpid-20141109_110408.jpgBy 7am I am following my springer around a field when she begins to get all ‘birdy’, she bustles her way through a ditch and out bursts a beautiful cock pheasant, rising into the air, I raise my shotgun Bang! Bang! the pheasant continues on it’s way unharmed.  A short while later the dog raises another pheasant, this one breaks out the wrong side of the ditch for me.  After a couple of hours I am feeling like my chance may have come and gone and I head back to the car. Just a few yards away from the car and the springer gets a scent, she works her way through a rushy field and a cock pheasant rises up and away to my right, my first shot misses but the second brings the bird down.  The dog races out to retrieve it and walks back proudly presenting the bird to me, the first pheasant of the season is in the bag.


I hunt on for a few more hours in a different location and manage to shoot 2 more pheasants and a mallard, that is the limit for the day. On my return home, the kids excitedly examined the birds and we all looked forward to a nice and tasty roast pheasant dinner later in the week.



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