Oh the Summer it has past!

The warm summer days have past, the bbq has been returned to the shed and the children now need hats and coats instead of flip-flops and shorts when they venture outside to play.


But it was good while it lasted, and this year it did indeed last, right up to October.There was a fantastic harvest of wild blackberries, and the courgettes, raspberries, lettuce, peas and cabbages, to name but a few, are still thriving.  But soon the Winter will take hold and fire will be lit, a little earlier in the day as each week passes until it will eventually be lit as we get up in the morning.



Earlier this year I set about making myself a log house where I could store and dry my wood during the year.


I got a few unneeded pallets from a hardware store that I used for the base of the log house, some old fencing timber for the side and roof supports and roof came courtesy of some of-cuts of box-sheeting from a local roofer.


I used some pieces of timber to join 2 pallets together, forming the base.  The side and roof supports were simply nailed into position and then the box-sheeting was attached with some roofing screws.  I put some old scraps of chicken wire around the  lower half of the log store to keep unwanted rodents out and prevent much wanted logs from falling out.  I put a few extra pieces of timber on the south side of the log store to protect the logs from the prevailing wet weather but also to give it a slightly better and tidier appearance.



To date it has been partially filled with logs from fallen branches and trees that I have gathered from the fields.  I don’t think this will be enough to see me through the Winter so I will have to stock up soon enough if I want to keep the home fire ablaze.



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