Blackberry craze continues!


As I could not bare looking at all those blackberries going to waste and the more I ate the more I thought that I would love to taste some in the middle of winter, the decision was quickly made to make MY FIRST JAM!

And I have to say to anyone out there who thinks that making jam is some sort of advance science (mind you I thought so 2 days ago…) It is really not! And when they say it’s just fruit and sugar – it really is! 🙂

So this is what I did,

1KG blackberries

1KG sugar

1. Put the washed blackberries into a pot and simmer till they are soft.


2. Add sugar and stir till it’s all dissolved.


3. Boil for 4 min, do not stir while boiling as it will apparently slowing the process of setting.


4. Check if the jam is set by putting a little bit of it on the small plate and placing it in the fridge for 5min. If it hardens up – it’s set.

5. Pour the jam into sterilized jars (the jam should still be very hot) and seal them, either by placing wax discs over them or filling the jars to the top and closing the lid to form the seal.



Surprisingly enough, that is all!



Of course after doing the jams I found out that I could have added some lemon juice (1/4 cup per 1KG of fruit) and generally use less sugar as blackberries are full of pectin and will set even with 600-700g of sugar to 1KG of fruit but we’ll have to wait and see, for the moment I’m just going to enjoy this one…



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