Proud moments

There comes a moment in the life of every veg patch owner when the wait is over and you finally see (and hopefully get to eat!) your first salad, broccoli, potato… If it’s your first crop it is pure magic, I have to say, and adding kids to the whole experience makes it even more special. If I could have captured face of my daughter who just saw the broccoli that she planted herself…priceless!

Yes, first broccoli was really celebrated by Kalina but it didn’t end there!


The peas was celebrated and nearly fully eaten by Saoirse!


Both girls had a bit of fun with broad beans, didn’t eat much of them but well, it’s a start


Beetroot and spinach will be probably fully eaten by me 🙂


Here just a quick note to all the parents that fight with kids every evening over eating their veg. There is hope!


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