Too much joy?

IMG_0790Before we had the veg garden I always thought that preparing the soil, building raised beds and sowing the seeds were the most consuming part of the job. I very quickly discovered that of course that’s not true! Upkeep of the garden takes quite a bit and then trying to use all the veg that have grown is another story. I think that every veg patch owner desperately tries not  to waste what they have grown in their garden while at the same time being careful not to put yourself off by having too much of a particular crop (not sure if I will be able to eat spinach with garlic and butter again this season).

IMG_0786Of course sowing seeds with toddlers does not help either in this matter – we ended up with a ridiculous amount of peas as our younger daughter ‘accidentally’ planted a fistful of them. In fairness to her, she did not let them waste by eating most of them herself.





So if you are, like us, a little bit inexperienced and end up with a glut of veg at the same time you have a few options;



– Dig out those cooking books that have been lying around for sometime and SEARCH for recipes that  use large amounts of veg, it is actually great fun (thank you Rachel, Jamie, Hugh…for all the inspiration).

– Freeze – a great way of making veg last longer. Just wash them, boil for a few minutes, and put into freezing bags in portions. This way they are ready when you need them for dinner.

– Giving them away!  A great way of getting rid of those extra veggies and a great way to share the joy of your veg patch!

There will be some veg recipes coming soon in the fork section but in meantime enjoy the summer!





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