Peas in pod

wpid-20140701_185109.jpgThe first cut of silage is complete, the sun is at it’s summer peak, the radio stations are playing their annual feast of Mundy’s song July and my peas are about to burst out of their pods.  I need to take  action and I need little hands for this work, so I have drafted in the help my two daughters.  Picking the pods from the plants is the easy part the more tedious job is removing the peas from their pods.

wpid-20140712_191837.jpg If I am honest I also find this job difficult because I eat far too many peas while depodding them so it is much better to get the kids to do the job that way I am sure they will make it to the sauce pan for cooking, just a minute of two on the boil and they are ready.  They can also be eaten raw, straight from the pod and into a salad, they are so so sweet, a real little treat.





wpid-20140701_185300.jpgPeas are one of those super veggies packed tight with goodness, and growing your own is a great way to get the kids into them, they are fun to plant and to pick for the kids. The trick is to plant them so you will have a good crop over a number of weeks rather than a glut all at once, a trick I have yet to master, but master it I will.

Not sure where to start with peas?There is a little green salad I like and all of which I can just picked fresh from the garden. Peas, Sugar Snaps Peas, Mange-tout and Rocket, with a light covering of some garlic oil. Yum Yum!


One thought on “Peas in pod

  1. Peas??
    Did you get a good return on your efforts. One year outside the mice were eating them before they germinated!
    Another year I grew them outside and only managed a couple of meals from them. I have been most successful in the poly growing mange tou for stir fry. Succession is the key and like you I have to master it.👒🐝👒🐝

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