The first salad of the year!

wpid-20140329_135542.jpgWinter can sometimes appear endless, cold and dark the bright days of summer a distant memory.  But once Spring comes there is a sense of hope, birds are busy building nest, bees are buzzing around the flowers and the vegetable seeds get sown.

When the seeds get sown the mind can wander off into the weeks ahead when the lettuce leaves are ready to be picked and placed on a plate to form a lovely spring salad.  Well this weekend my mind could stop wandering as the first salad leaves of the year were ready to be picked.

wpid-20140512_082802.jpgWhile it was nothing too exotic or wild it was special in its simplicity, a salad of various lettuce leaves and radish.  I had some butterhead, mizuna, baby red tango, baby green romaine, rocket and some lovely French Breakfast radishes.


wpid-20140512_082808.jpgThe cut and come again mixed lettuce seeds had been sown between March 25th and April 5th so it took just over 7  weeks for them to be table ready.  That’s not too bad at all as it hasn’t been too warm and our veg patch is fairly exposed.



I am now planning what I can cook to accompany my lovely salads, striploin steak, grilled mackerel fillets and of course the summer bbq’s, the options are mouth-watering and endless, or endless and mouth-watering, either or, that glass of wine has gone straight to my head. Enjoy!


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