Radish Anyone?

wpid-20140509_192307.jpgI only came across this little vegetable a few years ago through my mother-in-law who is from Poland where radishes would be eaten far more commonly than in Ireland.  Not that they are not available in shops in Ireland I just never paid any attention to them they appeared bland and unappetising to me.  Guess what? I was wrong, so so wrong.  Nothing bland or unappetising about these colourful and juicy little peppery balls.  Freshly picked and raw – delicious, sliced thinly with prawns and chorizo – delicious or as an addition to any salad, you got it – delicious.



wpid-20140512_082856.jpgApart from tasting great these little fellows are ready to eat in just 3 – 6 weeks from germination.  They are one of, if not the first veg to appear in my salad garden.  They are the sign of what is to come, once the radishes appear it is only a week or two until my first cut and come again lettuce leaves are ready for the table and then the flood gates open and the veg patch is in full bloom one crop ready after the other.


One thought on “Radish Anyone?

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