slugsLove them or hate them, they need to be stopped.  The greedy slithering little buggers can make mincemeat of your veg patch, they can clear out an entire bed of seedlings in one night or destroy a head of cabbage that was just ready for the picking.  I have to hold my hands up and say when it comes to slugs I show no mercy.  I used to try and keep them away by placing sawdust and sand around the edges of my beds, but one or two would always get by and get their fill of my veg. I then ran midnight raids, head torch on searching through the garden for them after dark, but this was not always practical so late at night.

wpid-20140413_194002.jpg I have used slug pellets, I am not a huge fan because they are not organic but I must admit they do the job fairly well and are in operation 24 hours a day even when I am not around.


Another way I have of trying to deter slugs from my veg is to offer them booze.  I purchased a couple of containers that can be filled with beer that seemingly the slugs cannot keep away from.  Once inside the container they gorge themselves to death on the beer.


My first sowings of climbing beans were wiped out as were some of my brussel sprouts and broad bean plants, so action was needed.  I went for a two pronged attack to get the situation in order, pellets and the boozy slug baths.


They seemed to have stemmed the tide of slug attacks for the moment, but you can never be too sure so I will carry out some random night time patrols with the head torch to pick up any strays.


For now my salad leaf seedlings are safe and my brussel sprouts can grow another day.


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