How to keep the kids interested?

IMG_0067 The whole idea of planting veg and fruit was to get children excited about growing so it would be a pity if they lost their interest at the start. (even though it was tempting and would save us some time:) We did the whole Lettuce project but the question was how to get their attention for longer than 2 sec…



Perks of being a little gardener 🙂

We started by buying them little shovels but if you go to a proper garden centre you can spend quite a lot on endless (and extremely cute) equipment and clothes for kids especially for gardening. Now that’s the easy part…what comes next is to set them out some tasks that they can do daily basis.







Preparing them their own space is a good start…ours still needs a bit of paint 🙂


Raised bed just for kids


Adults not allowed in here 🙂














Other things that seem to keep them happy in the garden;

For our younger daughter (age nearly 4)


– help filling in raised beds with soil

– decorate their own raised bed

– mix soil

– water the veg/fruit ( although this is disastrous at times..)

– make holes for seeds with her finger

– check on the veg garden everyday ( this one is surprisingly successful 🙂

For our older daughter (age nearly 6)


– All of the above

– putting the seeds in the ground

– help building their own raised beds and decorate it
We have 3 more project coming up; fairy houses, decorating stones and tadpoles…

but that’s after Easter! Happy Easter to all 🙂


Photo by Lu and Ann from lovely blog Enjoy your home


3 thoughts on “How to keep the kids interested?

  1. I love the idea of their own garden. I would have loved this idea, but my kids are too big & now way too cool to be gardening. Ugh. teenagers. I am proud to say they will pick a cherry tomato of the plant, roll it up into a basil leaf & pop it in their mouths when i ask them to water the gardens for me. So at least they well. Cute ideas! ~amy

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