Project – pallets!

IMG_0018When planning the veg garden in December I had great ideas about building a number of raised beds with some timber I had lying around from an old fence.  Now, in the middle of the sowing and planting season, the time for building is fast running out.  I have already made four good sized raised beds, but to be sure I get all the seed I bought in the ground on time I had to come up with an alternative,  I needed ready-made raised beds.  You can find a lot of products online or even in your local hardware store or garden centre but you will pay for them.  My preference was to spend as little as possible and hopefully nothing at all in keeping with a do-it-yourself ethos.

wpid-20140329_130821.jpgMy plan was to roll up to my local builders providers on Saturday morning with a smile and ask if they had any unwanted pallets lying around I could take off their hands.  Guess what?  It worked.  With my trailer in tow I loaded up the three FREE pallets or should I say ready-made raised beds and headed for the hills.

When I got home I got straight to work.  With two of the pallets I simply sealed off the sides of the pallets with some of the timber, filled them with compost and that was it, two raised beds ready to go.

wpid-20140329_142609.jpgThe third pallet I had different plans for.  I wanted to use it to plant my strawberries in so I didn’t want it flat on the ground.  The idea was to stand the pallet on it’s side and give it some support legs so it could stay standing.






I fixed empty turf bags to the underside of the pallet with some U-nails and nailed a leg to each side of the pallet so it would stand up on a slant.






I then filled it with compost and snuggly placed my strawberry plants in their new home.  I have to say I am a little bit proud of my creation and my kids said “wow” so their seal of approval only adds to my sense of accomplishment.



8 thoughts on “Project – pallets!

  1. Great idea! I used a few pallets to make my composter but never thought of using them for raised beds – will definitely be giving this a try.

    • Pallets are so useful and so many stores just throw them out. If I had pallets at my disposal from the start I would also have made my composter out of them. But not to worry I used so old timber fencing I had lying around. Thanks for the follow.

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