How do you like your Plums?


My wife loves her plums freshly picked! Having grown up with a couple of plum trees in her back garden in Poland she was used to having a glut of fresh plums. Last year I planted a dwarf plum tree in our garden but some greedy bird gobbled up my plums and left just one solitary plum.

This year we prepared ourselves and got some bird insurance. We planted raspberry, blueberry,gooseberry and josterberry bushes, strawberry plants, rhubarb crowns, 2 apple trees, a pear tree and a second plum tree.


Blackcurrants. The Cardboard will act as a mulch and keep the weeds down and it is also biodegradable.

With all the potential fruit there should be more than enough for our family and the birds. Alongside all we have planted we are spoiled with a host of wild fruit where we live. There are elderberries, crab apples, sloes, damsons, buckthorn, haws, rosehips and an almost endless supply of blackberries. There is nothing like spending an hour or two walking around the fields picking blackberries with the kids. Not only is it fun, it is also a great way to get young children interested in where their food comes and has the added bonus of providing something sweet to eat in the process. If you do decide to pick some wild blackberries you may need to be quick as depending on where you live you may need to get out and pick the berries before the farmer or local council cut back the hedgerows.




raspberries canes

We have promised ourselves to do more than simply pick the fruit and eat it straight from the bushes as we would usually do, so this year we will try to make jam, fruit based desserts, various tarts and some nice fruity sauces to accompany our dinners.







It is still only April though so we will have to wait another couple of months before we can enjoy the first of our fruit, the strawberries.





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