Busy bees :)

So the plan was to relax this weekend but of course plans and reality are two different things! The result was, we made good progress in the garden (we’ll have more about this in our next post) and we also went on our first Leprechaun Hunt in Carlingford!

The start of the hunt!

The idea behind the hunt is very simple, you need walk up the mountain and search for little ceramic leprechauns in order to get a prize! The tradition started in 1989 when the remains of the last leprechaun were found on Slieve Foy mountain by local business man, P.J O Hare, the story captured the nations interest and the first Leprechaun hunt attracted 4,000 visitors into the area.






In search for leprechauns

It’s 25 years later but the festival is still very popular and definitely a great day out for kids (even without finding a leprechaun). It’s a great way to introduce children to hill walking.  Two notes for next year first, drive up the mountain a little bit because even though it’s a short walk it is all uphill and can be tough on little legs and their patience,  second, invite more friends and family as it is great day out 🙂


Now back to the garden…

The Lettuce is growing fast and now I actually have to do something about it. As I put in to  many seeds while I was sowing it (well in my defence they are very small) I need to thin the lettuce out so that it grows properly.










The asparagus is looking good!


So is the radish…


and cabbage!


Now, we are looking forward to week of warmer weather to see more growth!


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