downloadWith the raised bed already built and filled all that was left to do was plant something.  The bed contains a mixture of compost, sand and good quality top soil, just perfect for our newly purchased Asparagus crowns.  Our eldest daughter is obsessed with dipping bread into eggs, fried and boiled, so we decided we will give her something else to dip into the eggs, home grown Asparagus tips.

IMG_0557 Having very little (NONE) experience in planting Asparagus before and not knowing anyone in our area that had any success with growing it we were a little bit cautious. But we had heard so much about how yummy freshly picked Asparagus is we thought we would just jump straight in and give it a go.



IMG_0553Asparagus crowns come in a funny shape – spider like roots which need to be spread out in a trough made in the soil. They are quite delicate so I do not recommend involving small children in the process, thats if you want more than one useable crown out of 20.

Now for the bad news…you have to wait until the second year before you can harvest the Asparagus. (!!!)

I know – That’s not ideal but all good things are worth waiting for 🙂

download (1)

To cheer yourself up you can do some of the following…look up some Asparagus recipes (amazing with roasted potatoes and eggs) or plant some fast growing lettuce/rocket/radish seeds – they should be ready in just a few weeks!


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