Lettuce by kids

IMG_0589So I was wondering what could be the first task for kids in our new veg garden and I decided on lettuce. Growing lettuce from seeds has one great advantage, you can expect little lettuce seedlings appearing out of the ground  within a week or so!

So we set out with our wellies, shovels, watering can and most importantly seeds and head to the veg garden. The tray full of compost our task was the following;

– water the tray ( without making it looking like a little swimming pool)

– make a narrow seed drill in the middle where the seeds will be placed (without losing too much compost, or all of it,  in the process)

– place some seeds in the prepared drill and not on the ground nearby.

IMG_0632 IMG_0569

There was a little bit of ‘don’t touch’, ‘be careful’ , ‘watch what you are doing’ involved but overall very good first attempt! 🙂 and below are the results!


It took a week and a bit to see first green seedlings but it was so worth the wait!


Cause of the clear conflict 2 trays of lettuce had to be made…



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