Now that’s a load of horse sh*t!

IMG_0492So there I was faced with a grassy patch of land on which I was supposed to grow fruit and veg.  At about 30 square yards it was a fairly large piece of ground to dig by hand and I don’t have access to the required machinery to plough it up, so my choice was a fairly simple one – Raised Beds.

There was some timber lying idle around the garden from an old boundary fence so I got out the chainsaw, hammer and nails and off I went.  The result to of my weeks work are three masterfully crafted raised beds.  They look so well you’d happily put them in your front garden for all to see but it’s in the veg patch out the back they are required so that’s where they have gone.

wpid-20140302_172457.jpgNow in the interests of comfort I made one or half of one of the raised beds about 3ft high. The bed was about about 6ft across and the same in length.  At the time of making this bed it seemed like a real clever idea until I realised I would now have to fill it with soil and compost both of which I didn’t have a whole lot of lying around.

wpid-20140308_121618.jpgSo on Saturday morning I got up early and went to fill my brand new trailer with poo, horse poo, from a local riding centre.

After I dropped off the horse muck at home I met up with a local farmer who had kindly offered to give me some top soil he had spare.

wpid-20140308_141603.jpgBack at home surrounded by the soil, poo and some compost I had from the garden I got busy mixing.  All the above mixed together will hopefully form the basis from which the family will grow all the yummy veggies we desire.

My next job will be to actually sow something, I will start with lettuce and radish, they are both simple to grow and also fairly quick to give a harvest, about 6 weeks.  There is a still a fair bit of work to do to tidy up the whole veg patch, clear some brambles to make way for my fruit bushes, make a few more raised beds, 3 or four more I think will be needed and then that will hopefully put the veg patch in fairly decent shape.

But for now, I need to jump in the shower and try to get the smell of horse off me.


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