To tell or not to tell?

Cheviot_lamb_on_the_Isle_of_LewisFor some reason I always had mixed feelings about telling young kids that the piece of chicken on their plate, once was actually a bird running around the garden. My husband, on the other hand never had a problem with that and always openly showed the birds he shot (or ‘dead bodies’ as my mum describes them..) to the kids. To my surprise, girls always reacted with curiosity, never with fear or disgust. (my mum still reacts with huge disgust so we definitely have to work on that :). Once we moved to the countryside I thought it will be a great opportunity to involve the kids not only in planting (more about this later) but also show them where the meat comes from…

The first opportunity came about naturally as I saw my first spring lamb on the field on the way to Carlingford. Thought to myself, that there must be someone I know that have sheep and could show our girls young lambs. I didn’t have to wait long for an opportunity to arise as a friend of mine actually was kind enough to invite me to see the lambs just after they are born. Very excited at the idea, I broke the news to girls and waited for standing ovation….but instead I heard my older daughter delighted with idea and already planning how she is gonna eat her lamb for dinner when at the same time my 3 and half year old made her first steps towards becoming vegetarian (not that I mind that) screaming that she doesn’t want to eat the lamb and we can’t eat it either!!!

To restore peace I had to establishing clearly that nobody will eat this particular lamb…but we might eat some other lamb…so it is safe to say that my first attempt to explain to kids where the food comes from was a little bit of a disaster ( at least as far as my younger daughter is concerned)

But one thing is sure –  we are still excited about the lamb visit!!! even though one of us might never eat lamb again…




2 thoughts on “To tell or not to tell?

  1. I’ve always explained to my kids what they eat but I never went into details and they never asked too many questions. It does not seem shocking for them. The younger one (7 years old) went shooting last Christmas and was absolutely amazed. He wanted to shoot at nearby horses and sheep 🙂

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